Sunday, August 16, 2009

Marx Brothers Place Update!

The Council received the following letter today from Susan Kathryn Hefti of the 93rd Street Beautification Association (oh, and they linked to us here!):
Dear Matthew,
We don't know whether you have had a chance to see our Marx Brothers Place videos on YouTube, but we would love to invite you & your readers to give our Channel Page a whirl whenever you can find a moment to do so:

Also, as we did finally manage to get the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) Chair here this past spring (along with the politicians we have been contacting), we are now asking that folks send the follow-up message (link for the message: which addresses the issues raised by LPC Chair Robert Tierney when he was here.

And we do have a new preservation movie coming out soon (probably the 1st week of September when most people have returned from frolicking). We plan to launch the new movie on our YouTube Channel page, but we'll be sure to include you in the Press Release announcing its debut!

Thanks again for letting folks know about our campaign to help save Marx Brothers Place!!!
Please keep in touch!

with all best wishes,
Susan Kathryn Hefti
Co-Chair, 93rd Street Beautification Association


David C. said...

Thanks, Matthew. I have added this information to The Marx Brothers Blog as well.

Save Marx Brothers Place said...

Matthew! Thanks again for spreading the word about Marx Brothers Place in NYC! With developers licking their chops, and the Mayor eager for development revenues, we need ALL the help we can get to save the beloved childhood block & home of the Marx Brothers! We really appreciate you letting your readers know about our efforts! all best wishes from MBP!

Matthew Coniam said...

Let's keep our fingers crossed...

Thea said...

Salve Matthew!
like Brothers expert, take a look on this:
(Marx Brothers color footage)
Thanks for the Place-blog!

Matthew Coniam said...

Thanks, Thea, great to hear from you.
Everybody follow the link in the comment above!!!

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