Monday, February 21, 2011

Does Chico sell honey?

We received the following enquiry today from a new correspondent:

The other day my parents said there's an advert for honey being shown at the moment that Chico Marx is in! Whether it's done from archive footage or a lookalike (it's a tough break for both of them!) I don't know, but I had a look on youtube and googled it but I have no idea what they're going on about! Does anybody know, or are my mother and father slowly going crazy in their old age? Thank you!

My first instinct was to relegate this to the looney file, but then I suddenly remembered that it just so happened I was passing by a television the other day when I heard Chico and Harpo's Big Store piano duet being used as the background to an advert.
I didn't know what it was being used to sell, but turns out it was Rowse's honey.
So your parents were right, but sadly, no visual representation of the great man is involved.

Then around the same time, Damian, who had earlier remarked on the obsession with nuts and nut-related tie-ins and promotions in Marx Brothers pressbooks, sent me this:

It is, and I quote, "what could have been if a Planters/Marx endorsement had been signed".

I've known this fellow for over a decade, and only now do I discover that he's been keeping his own blog for the best part of two years. Take a look here, and tell him Groucho sent you.


Damian O'Hara said...

Thanks for the plug Matthew and apologies for hiding my blog under a bushel, it's just that I've been trying to find my blogging feet before spreading the word.

Stuffy said...

Thank you for answering my question! I should really watch more TV just to see that advert...

Ginger Ingenue said...

Sure Chico sells honey. And peanuts (to you). And blocks of ice for two thousand dollars. ;)

Mr. Groucho as Mr. Peanut. Whim Wham.

I'd rather have a Groucho doll, than a green, plastic peanut-form of Groucho.

"He went into the jungle, where all the monkeys throw nuts!" -- And apparently mated with one. ;)

I'll have to keep my ears out for this honey commercial...I love the Chico/Harpo duet from THE BIG STORE.

It's the only thing I love about THE BIG STORE.


I do hope you're well. :)

Thanks for the educational post...

Anonymous said...

I'm just posting to ask if you've heard the BBC Radio 7 programme on Saturday nights at 7-ish, and doubtless repeated at other times, in which Groucho's daughter reminisces about her father and extracts from his letters to her are read. If not you should try to catch it, for it is excellent - very funny and rich in the spirit of the man.

Matthew Coniam said...

No, missed these entirely. Was it Miriam? I have the recordings of his letters to her if so. If Melinda I'd be even more intrigued...

Lolita Kane said...

Here ya go, a Stylish Blog Award!

Matthew Coniam said...

Aw, thanks my darling! Sorry for the delayed response (see Movietone for excuse), but much appreciated.

LAGuy said...

I don't really know where to leave this comment, but let's say goodbye to Arthur Marx, who died last Thursday. He wrote so tellingly about his father.

Matthew Coniam said...

Yes indeed. You hear different stories about him as a person, but a good, laconic raconteur and a nice assembler of Groucho anecdotes.
Another direct link gone.

lano500 said...

Did you know I wrote a Marx Brothers script?

Matthew Coniam said...

No, I did not!
Tell on, old fruit.

lano500 said...

Well, it is a Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel Radio Script. Would you like to see it?
(I liked how you called me an old fruit!)

Matthew Coniam said...

Ah, but notice I didn't say what kind of an old fruit...
Would I like to see your Flywheel script?
Does Chico sell honey???

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