Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Chico Suicides

Strangest darned pictures of the elderly Chico and Harpo I've ever seen...
But I can't stop looking at 'em. I love the way that drill bit seems to warp and bend, because they haven't lined themselves up properly.


lano500 said...

Are you sure that these are the real guys? They look so old...

David C. said...

Fascinating pictures--never saw them before.

Gazzoo said...

These were definitely taken during the filming of 1959's "the Incredible Jewel Robbery".

lano500 said...

What's "The Incredible Jewel Robbery"?

Matthew Coniam said...

It's the last proper Marx Brothers appearance: a tv comedy film starring Harpo and Chico, with a guest appearance by Groucho at the end.
If you look for my post "Marx Mystery: Why the hell isn't IJR available on DVD" you can watch an eight minute edited version of it!

Anonymous said...

Chico's pose with the pistol reminds me of a similar one of Harpo's in "Love Happy". Harpo showed his dexterity by simultaineously eating an apple.

... my name is Rich.

LAGuy said...

Speaking of Chico and Harpo, I recently read Maxine Marx's book about her father, and looked at Harpo's autobiography for the first time in years.

Not to hijack your blog, but if anyone wants to know what I thought, you can find out at:


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