Non-Marx Books

(Thanks to Valerie Leon)

Egyptomania Goes To The Movies is my book about Egyptomania going to the movies.

"An entertaining and informative read that will delight history buffs and movie fans alike."
- Kara Cooney

Jane Austen: Inside Her Novels is my book about Jane Austen inside her novels.

Mr Crippen, Cora & the Body in the Basement is my book about Mr Crippen, Cora and the Body in the Basement.

"This is the book for which the world has been waiting concerning the Crippen case."
- John H. Trestrail III, BS Pharm, FAACT, DABAT-E, Forensic & Clinical Toxicologist, Director: Center for the Study of Criminal Poisoning

Dracula AD 1931
is my book about the greatest horror film ever made.

Nominated for Best Book of the Year: 2021 Rondo Classic Horror Awards

"Before reading this book I would probably have thought that everything which needed to be said on the subject of Dracula (1931) had been, but there is so much here that's fresh, new, incisive and revelatory." 
- Kim Newman

Movies Are A Conspiracy is my self-published compendium of essays, articles, blog posts and book chapters 

"(Coniam is) a complete moron, shockingly ignorant of film history and aesthetics."
- one of the screenwriters of Life Stinks

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