That's Me, Groucho!

(Thanks to Frank Ferrante)

The first ever study of Groucho's complete career as a solo performer. Includes previously unpublished photographs and interviews.
Selected as one of Huffington Post's 'Best Film Books of 2016'

From the publisher

What they're saying...

"Groucho Marx would love this book."

- Frank Ferrante, writer/director/actor, star of Groucho: A Life in Revue and An Evening with Groucho

"A thoroughly well researched, well written and entertaining look at Groucho's stage, radio and TV and written work as opposed to the classic and extensively documented career of the brothers as a team... Delightful."

- Mark Brisenden, writer/adapter of the BBC version of Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel

"A multitude of fascinating insights and revelations... amazingly detailed book... extraordinarily well researched"

- Pop Culture Classics

"Take it from me: what Coniam offers here is not just a reshuffling of previously published material. He's done quite a bit of original research to inform his text, and has insightful comments to make about the career Groucho built for himself apart from his brothers."

David C. Tucker, author of Joan Davis: America's Queen of Film, Radio and Television Comedy

"As with his previous volume on the Marx Brothers films, this study of Groucho Marx’s solo work is filled with interesting information, most of which has not been discussed in any of the dozens of other books on the comedian."

-  James L. Neibaur, author and reviewer

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