The Annotated Marx Brothers

(Thanks to Carmela Hayslett)

A complete viewer's guide to the Marx Brothers' work in the movies.

From the publisher

What they're saying...

"I’ve been hoping that someone would write a book like this!"

- Randy Skretvedt, author of Laurel and Hardy: The Magic Behind the Movies

"Having been an avid Marx Brothers fan since the age of nine, I was convinced that no book about the brothers could tell me anything I didn’t already know. And then came Matthew Coniam’s The Annotated Marx Brothers. Reading it as I re-watched each movie was a truly enlightening and magical experience."

- Cinco Paul, screenwriter of  Despicable Me series, The Secret Life of Pets, The Lorax, Horton Hears a Who!

"Matthew Coniam is ridiculously meticulous in his superb literary dissection of the Marx Brothers' cinematic contributions. His love and passion for the boys' work is paramount (and MGM)... I can personally assure you this: you will not be disappointed. Hail, The Annotated Marx Brothers!"

- Bill Marx, son of Harpo

"It seems odd to call a book that was just published ‘indispensable,’ but that's exactly what it is… it deserves its place on the shelf alongside the best Marx Brothers books ever written.”

- Noah Diamond, author of Gimme a Thrill, adapter/writer/composer/star of the revived I'll Say She Is!

"Coniam has done a remarkable service for viewers of Marx Brothers films... highly recommended."

- Choice 

"While there have been many solid assessments of the Marx movies in past books, none has been as thorough as Coniam’s study… the quintessential look at the comedy team’s films."

- James L. Neibaur,

 "If you're looking for an informative book about the brothers, I'd suggest you look elsewhere."

- "Amazon Reviewer"


Unknown said...


As a lifelong Marx fan, I really enjoyed your Marx and Groucho books. There are beyond excellent.

One quibble. In "Room Service" you state that Harpo is drinking the ipecac meant for Davis. My eyes don't see this. My eyes are sure they see Harpo drinking milk that Wagner is pouring for Davis, while Davis drinks the ipecac. Are my eyes crazy?


Unknown said...

"They" are beyond excellent.

Matthew Coniam said...

Hey, thanks so much for this! And apologies - as usual - for my late arrival. (Must get these notifications sorted out...) Interesting observation re: Room Service - I'll take another look!

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Ashlee Rolfson said...

I enjoyed your blog post about "The Annotated Marx Brothers." It's always a pleasure to delve into the world of classic comedy and discover the layers of humor and wit that the Marx Brothers brought to the screen.
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