Monday, March 26, 2018

Blimey! A Podcast!

It's all here!


Unknown said...

Hi, 54 year old Marx fan here in North Alabama. I first found the Marx brothers on Saturday afternoon television in the 70's. I loved them from the start. I've only recently bought the full set of movies and am rediscovering them all over again.

I enjoyed your first two podcasts. Keep them coming!

Nelson Peddycoart
Huntsville, Alabama

Unknown said...


Retired ASA Dan said...

Thanks again for 3 Fantastic podcasts.
Frank was terrific on no. 3!! Hail Ferrante!
I also saw Races as my first Marx movie. I loved it and I think it has wonderful moments. Like Frank- I couldn’t help but notice immediately the big knot on Harpo’s right forearm when they show the angle through the piano-String Harp. I looked for it in other films and photos - but that is the only time its visible. He must have injured it during the filming.
Anyway- tremendous woik on the podcast!!
I can’t wait to hear more!! Thenk YO!!